Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pacific Blush - Skeletal Gardens LP

Japanese Alice is proud to present the debut album by Pacific Blush, Skeletal Gardens. Recorded between May and late June 2009. Pacific Blush has also released two EPs under the name of International Broadcasting Bureau. Of these two EPs Thomas Moore wrote, "Seriously, this stuff is special. It creeps in this often really unsettling way, it evokes memories I’ve never even had. It makes me think of David Lynch, and a more sombre Animal Collective - both good things, duh." And Dennis Cooper said, "I adore his music."

This album sees Fresno, California native Matt Marcure going further into his own world that somehow is both lush and bleak. Incorporating more instruments and new techniques this is his most accomplished recording yet and definitely something, as has been pointed out, special.


1. maples
2. plastic snowman
3. skeletal gardens
4. light diving
5. through lavender
6. can't write
7. skulk trains
8. winters
9. dream collective
10. speak softly
11. listening to mountains
12. fields of alice

you can download it here. Also, if you enjoy it please consider donating up above.

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