Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ovmujyo - II

Time traveling from shore to shore, the same shores. Underwater old world plunderphonics built in new world concrete. Modernism through the centuries as well as cassettes. The story of a lost no-body in search of non-existent royalty (as symbol of love) only to find gelato and suffering, as well as strange passages laced with paranoia or a promise of absolute relief. Thieves and thievery, Rota and Fellini, the heir to the theremin, criminal missives. Errant subaquatic drones and a meltdown in ragtime. All leading to an inevitable conclusion.

1. Oh well, Nemo! (34:26)

Recorded 2001 - 2002 by Joseph Marcure. Originally released in 2002, rereleased by Japanese Alice in 2009. Photography by Matthew Marcure (of photos originally taken back in 2002 for album by JM).

This was the second Ovmujyo album and like the first received incredibly limited distribution. It was recorded and mixed as one track, so it is presented here as the same. Enjoy!

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