Sunday, September 20, 2009

We're Moving!


Not too much different, just a lot nicer looking and easier to use. We'll keep this blog up, and sometime this week will try to get all the posts on here moved over. We are also planning on being a lot more frequent with our posts on the new blog, like three, four times a week. It won't all be music though, we're planning on doing posts like, our favorite albums, songs, movies, what were anticipating, random videos we like and so on.

hope to see you there :)


~pac. blush

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Aiko Planetarium LP (JPAL-005)

Japanese Alice is humbled to present the debut of Aiko Planetarium. Humbled, no, we're ecstatic. Well, if we were ecstatic we'd use exclamation points, right? This album, yes, this album is something that cannot easily be explained except perhaps with mind-melds. It began at the start of the decade and then was set aside for years until earlier this summer when the solution to the knot appeared and well, the unravelling began.

Take a trip with Ol' Aiko Planetarium up dark lanes, vast and probably dusty. Float with ten year old Aiko P. down simian streams, finances sticking to the sides, glazed in the bee vomit A.P. loves. RE-Call childhood, and that of your parent(s), cartoons, and bells. Of course, you might find yourself helpless on a vacation, in a strange new town. We certainly did with this record. So, we found a photo of a reliquary and made it personal. As an aside we'd like to point out 'Err' can be wandering aimlessly, or a mistake in navigation - not just a post-90s ironic glitch reference.

Back to what you can do on Aiko P.'s vacational thing: Postcard a doily to a sweetheart, tied in jump ropes. Find a micro-cassette with a lost idea. Sight-see with the vapours, or for you boys out there, melancholia. Commune with air. Check out Belgium. It's a tour! Skate down subterranean lakes. Lay flat on a hill at night while little Aiko strums and Planetarium works electronics, and make up your own private constellations. Burn away, or put out the trip in a tray. Become New Again.

Aiko Planetarium - s/t (Japanese Alice, 2009)

1 Untie
2 All my mercury life
3 When I was young
4 Wandering/Goa
5 Fresh err on the monkey river
6 What other year, soother?
7 Down in the desert
8 Trip valentines sidetrip
9 Light of crystal trains and strawberries
10 Big old wind
11 Dog of flanders and ash

Total playing time: 00:49:49.

Get it here.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blissed Lips - Blankets 7"


Blankets - 2:07
RIBS - 2:45

This single came about after being sick of working on the new Pacific Blush EP but still wanting to work on new music. It's kinda my noise, experimental, electronic side project.

You can download it here.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DJ LARSTONOVICH plays Pacific Blush!

Yes, it happened. DJ Larstonovich played Pacific Blush's "Fields Of Alice" on the July 7th installment of his superb (read: incredibly rad) radio show Skullcrushing Hummingbird. You can listen to the both sets here.

Skullcrushing Hummingbird Radio airs on Every Tuesday 8-10 p.m. PST. So tune in tonight!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Ovmujyo's "Solialswoon" and "II" LPs

Japanese Alice is very excited to present the first two Ovmujyo albums, rescued from the murky lint of time and reissued here. Please give them your consideration, these are projects of total love and devotion from the earlier part of the decade that have for the most part gone unheard. The first is very experimental throughout yet flows together and the second actually works as one piece. Songs, electronics, noise, and adventures in sound.

Ovmujyo - Solialswoon

From extended explorations into netherworlds touched with beauty to fragmented songs with little voices... Looping plucks from Eastern European records of the 70s to swirls, waves of noise...

This was the debut album for Ovmujyo, a self contained something. Overall, the music itself feels like a dream and is a personal favorite of Joseph's, someting he's quite proud of.

Released in very limited quantities, mostly to friends, in 2001 and then getting marooned for wider release shortly after, Japanese Alice is proud to present this album and get it out again for others to enjoy, pyrotechnics and all.

"When we wander here our hearts are flying..."

01. Hushbah (7:30)
02. Dualis (3:18)
03. Our Secret (3:18)
04. While Come (2:49)
05. First New Dream (4:53)
06. Thembis (4:30)
07. Preludea (3:54)
08. Her Pistola (1:59)
09. We Know (2:01)
10. Solialkoon (8:42)

Composed and recorded 1999-2001 by Joseph Marcure.
Originally released in 2001, rereleased by Japanese Alice in 2009.
Artwork by JM.

Download it here.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ovmujyo - II

Time traveling from shore to shore, the same shores. Underwater old world plunderphonics built in new world concrete. Modernism through the centuries as well as cassettes. The story of a lost no-body in search of non-existent royalty (as symbol of love) only to find gelato and suffering, as well as strange passages laced with paranoia or a promise of absolute relief. Thieves and thievery, Rota and Fellini, the heir to the theremin, criminal missives. Errant subaquatic drones and a meltdown in ragtime. All leading to an inevitable conclusion.

1. Oh well, Nemo! (34:26)

Recorded 2001 - 2002 by Joseph Marcure. Originally released in 2002, rereleased by Japanese Alice in 2009. Photography by Matthew Marcure (of photos originally taken back in 2002 for album by JM).

This was the second Ovmujyo album and like the first received incredibly limited distribution. It was recorded and mixed as one track, so it is presented here as the same. Enjoy!

Download it

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pacific Blush - Skeletal Gardens LP

Japanese Alice is proud to present the debut album by Pacific Blush, Skeletal Gardens. Recorded between May and late June 2009. Pacific Blush has also released two EPs under the name of International Broadcasting Bureau. Of these two EPs Thomas Moore wrote, "Seriously, this stuff is special. It creeps in this often really unsettling way, it evokes memories I’ve never even had. It makes me think of David Lynch, and a more sombre Animal Collective - both good things, duh." And Dennis Cooper said, "I adore his music."

This album sees Fresno, California native Matt Marcure going further into his own world that somehow is both lush and bleak. Incorporating more instruments and new techniques this is his most accomplished recording yet and definitely something, as has been pointed out, special.


1. maples
2. plastic snowman
3. skeletal gardens
4. light diving
5. through lavender
6. can't write
7. skulk trains
8. winters
9. dream collective
10. speak softly
11. listening to mountains
12. fields of alice

you can download it here. Also, if you enjoy it please consider donating up above.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Into the cupboard...

Louis Wain's 'The Fire of the Mind Agitates the Atmosphere' (1930?)

Welcome to the Japanese Alice virtual label. We are a teeny-tiny label set up to release wonderful music made by people who flit our vision.

Our first releases will include the much anticipated and dare we say amazing debut LP by Pacific Blush, hitherto known as International Broadcasting Bureau, as well as the debut LP of Aiko Planetarium featuring songs that have been lost in the ether for nearly a decade.

Much more to follow, I hope!

your reliquary of Japanese Alice newsish notes,


p.s. for more on Louis Wain see Fern House and Catland.