Monday, June 29, 2009

Ovmujyo's "Solialswoon" and "II" LPs

Japanese Alice is very excited to present the first two Ovmujyo albums, rescued from the murky lint of time and reissued here. Please give them your consideration, these are projects of total love and devotion from the earlier part of the decade that have for the most part gone unheard. The first is very experimental throughout yet flows together and the second actually works as one piece. Songs, electronics, noise, and adventures in sound.

Ovmujyo - Solialswoon

From extended explorations into netherworlds touched with beauty to fragmented songs with little voices... Looping plucks from Eastern European records of the 70s to swirls, waves of noise...

This was the debut album for Ovmujyo, a self contained something. Overall, the music itself feels like a dream and is a personal favorite of Joseph's, someting he's quite proud of.

Released in very limited quantities, mostly to friends, in 2001 and then getting marooned for wider release shortly after, Japanese Alice is proud to present this album and get it out again for others to enjoy, pyrotechnics and all.

"When we wander here our hearts are flying..."

01. Hushbah (7:30)
02. Dualis (3:18)
03. Our Secret (3:18)
04. While Come (2:49)
05. First New Dream (4:53)
06. Thembis (4:30)
07. Preludea (3:54)
08. Her Pistola (1:59)
09. We Know (2:01)
10. Solialkoon (8:42)

Composed and recorded 1999-2001 by Joseph Marcure.
Originally released in 2001, rereleased by Japanese Alice in 2009.
Artwork by JM.

Download it here.

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  1. Amazing that I've known you a couple of years now and only in the last 2 weeks or so have found out that you're a musician also! Very much enjoyed the first Ovmujyo album (haven't heard the second yet)... great production and sounds, a queasy nightmarish atmosphere... in particular I liked "Thembis," "Preludea," and the final track.