Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Aiko Planetarium LP (JPAL-005)

Japanese Alice is humbled to present the debut of Aiko Planetarium. Humbled, no, we're ecstatic. Well, if we were ecstatic we'd use exclamation points, right? This album, yes, this album is something that cannot easily be explained except perhaps with mind-melds. It began at the start of the decade and then was set aside for years until earlier this summer when the solution to the knot appeared and well, the unravelling began.

Take a trip with Ol' Aiko Planetarium up dark lanes, vast and probably dusty. Float with ten year old Aiko P. down simian streams, finances sticking to the sides, glazed in the bee vomit A.P. loves. RE-Call childhood, and that of your parent(s), cartoons, and bells. Of course, you might find yourself helpless on a vacation, in a strange new town. We certainly did with this record. So, we found a photo of a reliquary and made it personal. As an aside we'd like to point out 'Err' can be wandering aimlessly, or a mistake in navigation - not just a post-90s ironic glitch reference.

Back to what you can do on Aiko P.'s vacational thing: Postcard a doily to a sweetheart, tied in jump ropes. Find a micro-cassette with a lost idea. Sight-see with the vapours, or for you boys out there, melancholia. Commune with air. Check out Belgium. It's a tour! Skate down subterranean lakes. Lay flat on a hill at night while little Aiko strums and Planetarium works electronics, and make up your own private constellations. Burn away, or put out the trip in a tray. Become New Again.

Aiko Planetarium - s/t (Japanese Alice, 2009)

1 Untie
2 All my mercury life
3 When I was young
4 Wandering/Goa
5 Fresh err on the monkey river
6 What other year, soother?
7 Down in the desert
8 Trip valentines sidetrip
9 Light of crystal trains and strawberries
10 Big old wind
11 Dog of flanders and ash

Total playing time: 00:49:49.

Get it here.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blissed Lips - Blankets 7"


Blankets - 2:07
RIBS - 2:45

This single came about after being sick of working on the new Pacific Blush EP but still wanting to work on new music. It's kinda my noise, experimental, electronic side project.

You can download it here.